Friday, October 25, 2002

Bellesilles in his inordinately long attempt at rescuing his obliterated reputation is saying he will explain all the descrepancies in the second edition of his book. Don't be surprised if instead of guns, he proves via probate records(miraculously recovered from the Chicago fire) that instead of guns, all Americans were armed with ray guns, and did not venture out at night, because vampires roamed the streets.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

I am way behind on everything this morning. The power went out at about 8:00, and I've just gotten online about 1/2 hour ago. I just saw them push the Caprice into a garage. They caught the pair sometime last night. The plates for the Caprice were registered in Camden, NJ. I don't know how big an Arab community there is in Camden. I know there is a big one in Jersey City, and I think there is one in Patterson as well. I just saw a picture of agents carrying a box into a building which I think may be the rifle. The box doesn't look like it could fit an AR-15, but it could fit a regular bolt action long gun. That is rank speculation on my part, so I could be very wrong here. Update: I was wrong, Indepundit is saying it is an AR15 Bushmaster.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Here's a link to a Fox News story about the arrest, and they mention the Marion camp.
Here is a picture of John Allen Mohammed:
I know, it's on fox, etc. I'll change it with a pic from the ATF site when it isn't as overloaded as it is now.
Welcome Freepers. More info from Fox. They are looking for a White Chevy Celebrity, Maryland plate ZWE 510. There is also a Ford Crown Vic, no other info.
While the sniper thing was going on, I initially thought it was a terrorist attack, then I thought it was a lone nut. I take that all back. I just heard saw on fox news that they are searching a property in Tacoma, and they are looking for suspects in Washington State and Alabama. I am now convinced that it is definitely, and I mean definitely al Qaeda. Here is why. Some of this you have heard before, and some you haven't.
  1. The victims share nothing in common, except for being American.
  2. The attacks were concentrated in Washington, which has a very high concentration of national media, political figures, and the like, guaranteeing national media coverage.
  3. All the attacks have occurred from locations of good cover, indicating some reconnoitering has taken place, and the attackers have been able to escape quickly, indicating more than a bit of planning.
  4. The demand for money--not the act of the average lone nut.
  5. The area where the FBI is now searching with metal detectors in Tacoma, Washington. Earnest James Ujaama, a protege of Al Qaeda recruiter Abu Hamza Al-Masri, tried to set up a ranch as a training camp in Tacoma.
  6. The FBI has also obtained a search warrant for some location in Alabama. In Marion, Alabama, a camp known as Ground Zero, USA was used for weapons training. On the grounds were shot up police vehicles and school buses.
This is no coincidence. I guarantee that by this time tomorrow, the Al Qaeda link will be firmly established. Update: Fox is now reporting that cops are looking for a Chevy Caprice with New Jersey plates. Gee, what a shock. Update: MSNBC has added some detail about the car. It is a blue/burgundy 1990 Chevy Caprice with New Jersey plates. And in case anyone doesn't know, a number of Islamofascist terrorist attacks have originated in New Jersey, the 1st WTC attack, Meir Kahane assassination, the attempted Lincoln Tunnel bombing, etc. Update(They're coming fast and furious today)Robin Goodfellow reports that they are looking for two people from the Bellingham Washington area. A quick google search brings up this reprinted story from the March 21 Wall Street Journal which has a vague link to Bellingham. In the intel business, there ain't no such thing as coincidences. Update: Fox News is now reporting that the FBI is now serving a search warrant in Marion, Alabama in (here's another shock) Camp Ground Zero, which means my initial hypothesis is now correct. Update: Fox news is reportings the names Lee Malvo(sp?) and John Mohammed(aka John Allen Williams), an ex soldier. Gee, Mohammed, who'd a thunk it? Update: Plate number is NDA 21Z

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Winona on Trial Winona Ryder is set to go on trial this week. If she gets off, don't say it was because she was a Hollywood actress and used her money to get acquitted. There is a lot of evidence that this is a politically motivated prosecution. First of all, she was arrested on drug charges. These charges stemmed from the fact that she was prescribed a name brand medication, and the pharmacist substitutded a generic, of which she had two pills on her person. The charges were dropped in pre-trial hearings. Secondly, they state that they have her on video stealing merchandise, except the video shows no merchandise was stolen. Third, she was indicted on felony theft charges. In no situation has someone accused of shoplifting what Ryder was alleged to have stolen ever been charged with a felony in California. (Needless to say, this was a first offense, which would argue against launching felony charges). Fourth she paid for merchandise and left the store, and again, has no history of shoplifting, or even being detained for shoplifting by store security, yet she is being prosecuted on a felony charges that can carry a three year jail term. This is not OJ part II here. They are going hammer and tongs to give jail time to go after someone is a first offender, and at worst, should pay a nominal fine and get a short probation. Lizzie Grubman got forty days for nearly killing a dozen people. Wynona Ryder should not be forced to deal with jail time for doing what is functionally the same thing as taking candy from the corner store. If she even intended to shoplift at all, from which I can definitely see reasonable doubt in that regard.

Monday, October 21, 2002

If you haven't felt the urge to vomit today You will after reading this sob story about poor Lizzie Grubman. Poor Girl. She accidentally on purpose runs over 15 people, and she is all weepy that they are putting her in jail for 40 days. She should consider herself lucky. If I was the judge, she would have gotten 3 to 5 years. Update: I had to fix this one too. Damn, my typing skill are just plain embarassing!
Weblog Central, meet Brendon O'Neill Remember when I mentioned about getting hits by making a phony shitstorm? Well that's what MSNBC did when it accused Little Green Footballs of being racist They knew that LGF was a wildly popular destination, linked to from many pages. It is fair to assume that the editor for MSNBC's site knew the strong anti-Islamofascist content of LGF. It is also fair to assume that the editor put up the site last week anyway, obviously believing that there was nothing wrong with that content. Now fast forward to yesterday. The editor gets some hate mail about LGF, from the usual suspects. Now, instead of saying that LGF is a racist site, and removing it because he put up that blog in error, he simply relates the accusations put forth by the usual suspects, using the sort of "some say" editorializing that one finds on the front page of the Howell Raines Gazette. However, and this is most important, he does not remove the site. If he really thought it was racist, he would have removed the site, with a note of apology. He didn't do that. What he did was toss out the accusation, leaving the link in place. When Charles saw the link, understandably, he got angry and asked people to email the editor and disabuse him of the whole "racist" claim. Then the Great Glenn linked. And Meryl Yourish. And Misha. And Bill Herbert. And Tony Pierce. And a whole bunch of others as well. I won't begrudge any of these bloggers for mentioning the abysmal treatment Charles has gotten at the hands of MSNBC. He was slandered, the accusations are baseless, and someone's good name was trashed. However, if one looks at it as a means to generate hits and emails, well, it appears that MSNBC has succeeded, using Charles' reputation as the fuel. I sent an email long before I wrote this post. Looking back on it, I wish I hadn't. All I did was fuel the appetite for MSNBC to create another phony shitstorm later, using some other poor blogger as the means to do so. Pretty slimy on their part. Update: First paragraph was a bit awkward. I edited it for clarity.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Andrea Harris came across this entry in a home furnishings catalog:
Porcelain fragments from 14th- to 19th-century Ming and Qing Dynasty vases destroyed during China?s Cultural Revolution form the decorative inlaid tops of these silver-plated metal boxes. One-of-a-kind; please allow us to select for you. Imported.
This is a textbook example of the evils of communism. These were vases that were hundreds of years old, and were probably Chinese cultural treasures. Yet the ChiComs in their Maoist inspired frenzy destroyed these priceless objects of beauty because they were artifacts of a "bourgeois society". Any of the Castro butt-kissing idiotarians who fawn over the likes of Castro should look at these things and think about the sort of evil that would destroy such beauty. For those of you who think that such anger is best reserved for the human victims of Communism, you are right, but also wrong. These pieces of pottery were of great historical and cultural import, but because they did not advance the cause of Communism, they were destroyed and thrown away. It was an attempt at murder of a culture, as brutal and destructive of the human spirit as the physical acts of murder and torture were.