Saturday, October 05, 2002

The Scare Quotes Sentinel "reports" that Egyptian terrorists were trying to launch a terrorist attack on a cemetary for WWII American dead in Italy. Someone should let these brain surgeons know that it is kind of difficult to terrorize someone who has been dead for 60 years.
From Little Green Footballs. I found a lovely new website, the Donahuesucks report. I can't hang around long now, but when I get back tonight, I am definitely going to contact the site owner and let him know about the Deathwatch. Great minds think alike, eh? Actually, I'm not sure he'll want the show to die, since Donahue is such a wonderful fountain of crackpot leftist material. Anyway, go visit the site. From what I've seen, it's pretty funny. Update: Yes, my grammar sucked eggs all over this post. I have now fixed it.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Baghdad by Christmas Most of the Blogosphere and the mainstream media, possibly with the exception of Cato, think that war will be coming in January. They are all wrong(except for Cato). When we go to war, it will be in November, before Thanksgiving, and after the elections. Everything points to this. First of all, there is the Congressional vote. That vote will be completed by at latest, the end of next week. In the Gulf War, the congressional authorization only occurred 5 days before the air war started. Secondly, the build up in the countries around Iraq has been increasing slowly but surely for the past year. The base in Qatar is complete. The RoRos that are used to carry heavy armor first were announced in the news about a month ago, which means they have been able to sail for 30 days, at 400 nm per day, using a speed of about 18 knots give or take. That means the ships have been able to cover 12000 miles in that time frame. If those ships had to sail from Tokyo to LA, that is only a distance of 5000 nm(or about 13 days or so, no more than 18 days). If they came from Europe, the distance is less, and Ro Ros are designed to be loaded and unloaded quickly, in no more than a few days(and in that case I'm probably being generous) Also, there is at least a brigade of prepositioned equipment at Diego Garcia that is no more than two weeks away from Kuwait City, more likely 10 days, because military Ro-Ros are faster than civilian ones(for obvious reasons). Finally, there is the UN Appeasement Council. There is a reason why the Administration wants a very short deadline for inspections in Iraq. They would not want a seven day deadline for inspections unless they wanted to go soon. Bush is using the Congressional resolution as a bludgeon on the UN to get them to act immediately. The only reason why he would do that is if he did not feel he had the luxury of time. That can only mean one thing. We are a lot closer to war than people realize. Don't be surprised if sometime after the election, the six o'clock news is interrupted with a newsflash that warplanes are over Baghdad. It might even be the day after Thanksgiving. So if your bowl games get interrupted, blame Saddam Hussein.
Another Bad Day for the Ayatollahs The BBC is reporting that the ayatollahs have shut down the state run polling service and arrested the people who commissioned the poll. The article states:
According to the poll of 1,500 Iranians, conducted by three separate institutes including the National Institute for Research Studies and Opinion Polls (NIRSOP) and published by Irna on 22 September:
  • 74% of respondents over the age of 15 support dialogue with the US
  • 45.8% believe Washington's policy on Iran is "to some extent correct".
But the judiciary has responded by charging NIRSOP director Behrouz Geranpayeh and Irna's Abdollah Nasseri of "publishing lies to excite public opinion", the Iran newspaper reports.
Imagine the following: You, your wife, and your kid are eating falafel around the dinner table. You get a call, and the caller says, "Hi, I wonder if you would like to take a survey. I work for the folks that can throw your family in jail at a whim, chop off your hands, and generally make life unpleasant if you don't say what we want you to say. By the way, incorrect answers might result in long jail terms, with ample bouts of torture." How do you think you would answer under those circumstances? Now, considering the consequences, nearly half of the Iranian population was willing to risk jail, risk torture, and possibly execution, and say "Yes, we are run by a bunch of ruthless murdering Islamofascists." Iran is going to explode, and soon. Link via Cato.
2002 Winner of the Michael Dukakis Victory Award Word to the wise. When running for a major office, turning yourself blue is not a way of gaining the voters trust.
From CNN.
Pick up your maracas and let's DANCE! Hi everybody! Suffering through another Al Gore speech? Are you forced to watch the Donahue Show because you lost the remote! Well then do I have the thing for you. So get up off that couch, pick up your maracas, put on your party clothes, and Sing a long with Louis Farrakhan!

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Today I got my first troll. If you go to the Silent Fisking you will see it, by a troll named Pete. I banned him, but I left the message up there for everyone to read. Now here is my message to you, Pete. It was a nice little attempt at flamebait you left on my site. I would have left it there, unchanged, except for one thing: I visited your blog. where you write:
I just threw an inflammatory comment at a popular warblogger who is unclear how the American concept of justice is supposed to work. Should be entertaining to see the hit count skyrocket on my tiny little superficial inconsquential nothing of a blog. Said blogger will likely label this "a phony shitstorm" -- or so I hope.
As I said, I was going to leave your link up there, so people could respond. But you want to use my site to improve the popularity of your site. I don't think that's going to happen now. I've banned your IP, and I've deleted the link to your site. Noone will be able to visit, and noone will know or care you exist. So you aren't going to get any hits out of this. What is going to happen is your foray into illogic will be preserved forever, and the only way you will be able to respond to the heaps of derision that will probably be heaped upon you by the readers of this site will be by emailing me, and if you are polite, and nice, I might allow your comments to be posted, along with copious interruptions by yours truly pointing out every single bit of your abundant idiocy. So you aren't going to get a phony shitstorm. You aren't going to get any shitstorm. By the way, only castrated transvestites like Abba. Update: My troll's failure is complete. Not only did he not get hits from me, but I got hits from him. Thanks, buddy!
Quote of the Day "New Jersey has two senators. One who bought his seat, Corzine, and one who sold his seat, Torricelli."--Dick Morris.
"I would like to welcome the Esteemed Senator from South Dakota, now will he please shut up and vote" The President has now reached an agreement with Gephardt and the House Republicans on a war resolution, and has gotten McCain, Lieberman, Warner, and Edwards to issue a concurring resolution in the Senate. Now that Gephardt is full sqare in favor of war, the House is going to vote 300+ in favor of war, and if Senate Democrats don't follow suit, it is going to look very bad. Daschle and Biden have proposed competing resolutions, but those are going to go down in flames. If Daschle tries to fence sit or dawdle any more, he is going to make life very rough on the Dems. By the end of this week, there will be an immense vote from the house in favor, Daschle and the Appeasement wing of the party are going to have burned dozens of house members and their own candidates by their dawdling.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

"When I said the Arab Street, that wasn't what I meant." John Dingell held a town meeting today in Dearborn, saying he hadn't decided on going to war, and asking his constituents to help him decide. Don't expect to see any of this at the Howell Raines Gazette:
Dingell, D-Dearborn, has said he is undecided about whether to support a pre-emptive strike against Iraq by the United States. Many students had to stand out in the hall, because they could not squeeze inside. To gauge the tenor of the crowd, Dingell asked for a show of hands. "How many people support Saddam Hussein?" The crowd remained still. Dingell then asked, "Is anybody against him?" They erupted into applause and cheering, many standing and shouting cheers in Arabic. Some waved their prayer beads in the air.
Reason to invade Iraq, number 362:
Michael Corelone wants his hat back.
From the Glass Houses Department The Howell Raines Gazette has an article about how two Clinton era national security aides are saying that Bush wasn't tough enough on terrorism during the 8 months before the Atrocity. They also blame the eight years before that on the fact that Louis Freeh believed the Saudi Ambassador more than he believed the president. Three things come immediately to mind: First, why did the director of the FBI have so little contact with the rest of the law enforcement, intelligence, and national security apparatus in the Clinton Administration that he was forced to rely on the Saudis for information? Second, if the Administration was trying to persuade the Saudis, why didn't they pressure them at all by withholding visas, persona non grata a low level diplomat, or other means of expressing diplomatic displeasure? Finally, if the Pentagon had a plan for launching a propaganda campaign against the Taliban, why didn't Clinton approve it when he had the chance? The article is par for the course. Yet another attempt by members of the Clinton administration to obscure the fact that they had eight years to do something about al Qaeda, and they didn't do a damn thing.

Monday, September 30, 2002

I don't know what that smell is, but it sure is stinking up the neighborhood! Donahue Show Deathwatch Update: US News is reporting(scroll down) that Chris Matthews is a bit miffed that Phil Donahue is acting as a boat anchor around the neck of MSNBC, and, of course, Matthew's show. Chris might be a complete weenie, and if he still had his column, I would build a weekly fisking around it, but he isn't such a complete idiot as to bring on crackpot leftists like George Galloway, and still expect to have a show. Update: I forgot, if you are new here(which means just about everybody), don't forget to put in your date for the deathwatch.
The National Review is defending Hollywood Bubbleheads. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is one of the signs of the apocalypse.
The wonderful consistency of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Read this article. Then read this one. First, she engages in a bit of innuendo by accusing the anti-foxhunting demonstrators of being racist thugs(without any facts to prove this point), then the very next week waxes eloquent about what a lovely anti-war demonstration it was, while worrying about "being seen" near a bunch of islamofascist thugs, whose representatives then demand that the crowd chant "Allah is great." This for some reason troubles her far less than a bunch of people from the rural areas of England complaining about high gas prices. I could go into a detailed fisking, but if she can't make up her mind from one week to the next, what's the point?
Wolf Blitzer was going after a "peace activist" with hammer and tongs today. As soon I can find a transcript, I'll put it up.
Woohoo! I got myself an extra zero today:
Now that I've got my warm fuzzy, I promise no more self-referential posts for the rest of the week.

Sunday, September 29, 2002

I'm watching "Mail Call" on the history channel right now, which is narrated by the eternal drill instructor, R. Lee Ermey:
"My mission, is to read your mail, and educate your sorry ass." Watch the show. If you don't, you won't like what happens.
More good news for Al Gore Ralph Nader might run again.
A different perspective of the Atrocity Like I said yesterday, I am glad I am getting the extra hits from all of you today, and I am especially glad I didn't make a phony shitstorm to do it. This post might create such an occurrence. At least, it will if you don't read the whole thing. In the book, What's so Great About America, Dinesh D'Souza talks about how his grandfather came to hate the English, while he held no such animosity. The reason why was that while colonialism was bad for his grandfather, the aftereffects of colonialism were good for Dinesh himself. And this got me thinking about the atrocity. September 11 will be a cause for morning here in the United States. Thousands of people died, and a hole was carved out of our largest city. However, for millions of people, that is not the case. For them, it might even be a cause for celebration. Now, I can already tell that the blood pressure for a lot of you out there is already starting to rise. You are probably thinking I have pulled a giant bait and switch, with 8 weeks of conservative opinion, a post which has drawn thousands of impressions, and now that I have your eyeballs on this page, I am revealing my true nature, and engaging in some Fisk/Pilger/Donahue style wailing about why we are hated. In which case, you would be wrong. For millions of Afghans, Iraqis, and Iranians, September 11, 2001 marks the first day that their struggle for liberation received the first light of hope. Much as how Churchill was ecstatic about how Pearl Harbor brought the United States into WWII, those who suffered under the Taliban and their Arab colonial masters are ecstatic to have been liberated, and those who suffer under Saddam and the Ayatollahs have cause for hope that now, finally, their liberation is at hand. None of this would have been possible had not those 3000 died in lower Manhattan. Had the atrocity never occurred, millions of Afghans would be suffering at the hands of the Taliban. Saddam would still be on his way to building a nuclear weapon, and we would have wasted years trying to build a go-slow approach to building an Iraqi resistance. The Iranians would still be suffering under the Ayatollahs, and we would be ignoring the Iranian people's urgent cries for freedom. We would have spent most of the summer and fall agonizing over Chandra Levy, some moronic farm bill or drug program, and ignoring the plight of millions forced to live in darkness. The atrocity changed that. We are no longer worried about such petty things today. We are engaged in a struggle to change the very foundations upon which life in the Middle East is based. Already we have liberated 25 million people. By this time next year, another 25 million people will be liberated. The year after that, maybe another 70 million will breath the fresh air of freedom, and after that, who knows? That means that each of those who died on that September day will be responsible for liberating over 30,000 people. And that's not a cause for mourning, but a cause for celebration, and we should, alongside mourning for those who died, celebrate for those who are free, because the smiling faces of children in Kabul are as much a legacy of that horrible day as those anguished faces we saw through our television that horrible morning.