Saturday, August 03, 2002

Welcome to my blog. Why do I call it the Big S Blog? Well, I named it after my car, which I love, and which drives Naderites certifiably insane. It is a 1995 Ford Crown Victoria. It has a trunk that can hold 3 o 4 Sopranos, a 281 cu inch V8, and gives off the impression that you just might be The Man. It is a throwback to the days when everyone drove 22 foot long Ford LTDs. It also is the anti EUro-weenie car. Sh*tty gas mileage, a big heavy frame, and an embodiment that there is no replacement for displacement. This blog will be fairly right wing, as I'm a conservative with libertarian tendencies. It will be pro-war, and you will often see posts by me about how much I want to see Saddam's cranium ventilated, and I will show how Europe has been turned into a bunch of weenies courtesy of the EU. I also am Pro-Israel, Pro-Arab democracy and anti-Islamofascist, so I will be pointing out in copious detail how the Arab world today is not much different from that of the Nazis, Communists, and Japanese militarists of the '40's. I will probably also talk occasionally about boats(especially when mine breaks down), history in general, and automobiles. I'll probably sneak in something about computing here and there as well.